Associated Press have just announced that the legendary king of pop Prince has passed away at age of 57. It seems to be a trend that legends of pop passes away early with Michael Jackson as the most known one in the recent years.

All love goes to his family, friends and fans. This is a black Thursday regarding his pass away. It is the Prince’s manager that confirmed to news agency Associated Press that the man was found dead in Prince’s own home at Carver County in the shared state Minnesota in United States of America.

The reason for his tragedy seems to be natural and not caused by any drugs or criminal action. The Times writes that Prince Rogers Nelson, which was his name must have been sick lately.

All kudos to Prince! One of the biggest artists within the music genre called pop, that touched so many hearts and moves all over the world. You gave everything and now you will be remembered like the king of pop you have always been.

Associated Press
The Times