Back in the 1980s and until this month VCRs have been made. Funai Electric in Japan has announced that this month is the very last production month of their VCRs. Today they are made in China and sold in many territories, including North America under Sanyo brand name.

VCRs that beat Betamax
The history has repeated itself a lot. Just recently (back in 2008), another known war between two rivales Blu-ray and HD DVD went totally into Blu-ray’s favour. Everyone just knows how badly the sales went for HD DVD. Video tape recorders back in the days battle was a much longer one though as Betamax did it quite good, but as we all know about who won that battle. Betamax is no more, while VCRs still is in production in China.

With only 750000 sales worldwide last year. The sales of VCR players have been declining and now the market seems to have given Funai Electric to give up the good but old VCR market. Here in Europe, North America and Asia most of consumers got DVD or Blu-ray players that have completely taking over the role that VCRs had. Also people do have PVR box sets under they TVs that records programs directly to HD. But I must say that I miss the feature of having totally control over what you can record.

Enthusiasts will Earn
With Funai Electric having its last ever month of VCRs production. Many enthusiasts now looking forward to see the production halt. Now they can start to sell VHS tapes and players for a lot higher prices that usualy. With the months and years passing by, VCRs will be the thing to have by people and enthusiasts. VCRs will have the same status as Vinyl LPs got today. And maybe VCRs production will be restarted. I just hope that the knowledge of making these wont be forgotten. VHS tapes and all it brought with it is history that no one should forget. They made it possible for us Nostalgia TV interest to get idents and promotions from the 1980s and 1990s onto YouTube, Vimeo and other social media sites. Here is an example.

Sky Traxx from 1987 Intro (from VHS video cassette tape)

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