Many loves to lay down on the beach to relax and enjoy the life, while others do not. Tenerife, which is the biggest of the Canary Islands (belongs to Spain, but sits just a few water jumps from Africa), does actually have many interesting cities to explore. One of them is La Laguna, which sits above Santa Cruz, the capital city on Tenerife. Read on for my La Laguna experience.

Amazing palm trees in La Laguna on Tenerife, Spain

A Hidden gem for Many
To find the beautiful and mystical La Laguna town, it is a bit difficult for outsiders. The town is indeed a bit hidden, because if you want to go there, the easiest way to reach it is by taking the T1 tramway line the oposite direction of the Santa Cruz centre when you come from Puerto de la Cruz to La Trinidad. The destination is only one station backwards, or if you are in the centre of Santa Cruz our best advice is to take the T1 tramway line all the way up to the last station called La Trieste. From the tramway station, you just head up and turn left and continue straight up the walking-only street. There are many walking-only streets in the area, but to get to La Laguna centre itself just walk up and up until you reach a quite big church at the top.

La Laguna map showing the size of the town. Also shows where the tramway stops

Beautiful city But Beware of Chilly Weather
With about 150.661 inh. La Laguna is the third-most populated city on Tenerife. It is the home of Laguna University called University of La Laguna. The city is also a beautiful city that is in fact the ancient capital of Canary Islands. In 2010 the town was listed as the city with best reputation in the Canary Islands and the third provincial capital in Spain after Gijon and Marbella.

The elevation of the city, means that the weather is more humid than in most of the Canary Islands towns even, regarding population. The Mediterranean Climate keeps the city humid and especially in December and January, the temperature can go quite low so bring a sweater in case. This town is one of the most wet of all cities in Canary Islands and it sits on Tenerife. So be aware of chilly temps, but the town also have hot weather. Palm trees and more forest alike trees can be found around in the town.

Great Food and Scenery
My visit to the La Laguna, went to a pancake restaurant called Creperia La Bohème La Laguna. It got some of the most delicious pancakes that I’ve ever tasted anywhere. It is sure a visit. Also the service personnel were very serviceminded.

[foogallery id=”21175″]

The scenery with all of the old houses, palm trees, extraordinary mountains in the background and the very calm shopping streets creates a quite special and refreshing atmosphere to the place.

When I visited, the sun was shining bright and temperature around 18C. La Laguna is for sure worth a visit with your family or come alone like me. A refreshing town on Tenerife for sure.

Here is a map of La Laguna for you

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”28.489,-16.317″ zoom=”15″ width=”100%” height=”450″ ]

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