After many delays, the latest L9 extension opens today in Barcelona, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.  The line is labelled L9Sud as it is separate from the original L9 (now L9Nord), running 20 km from Zona Universitària (L3) to Aeroport T1 (via T2). The line itself will be serving total of 15 stations.

So this means that if you goto Barcelona’s nearest airport, you can now take the Metro all the way to the city of Barcelona.

Check out the map here

Other Metro projects in Barcelona
There is a new L10 getting built. This line will go from Zona France PAL to Can Tries Gornal. This little line will have 10 stationsm where 6 will be underground. Also L9 will be a fully line someday. Interesting times ahead for Barcelona Metro travelers for sure.