The Métropole Nice Côte d´Azur invited lots of people to the new part of their new Light Rail Tram L2 service in Nice, France. Now the light rail L2 line reaches the Port Olympia station at the port of Nice, which means that the entire L2 line is finally complete.

All of this happened on Saturday, December 14, 2019, at 9.45 (also do check out our article about the opening of L2 in Sydney, Australia here which happened on the very same day!) in the morning at the Quai Napoléon I. Now you can take the tram from the city center to the Nice airport in a very short time from almost anywhere in the city center of Nice.

Tram Port Lympia station opened 14th of December 2019

From 9.45 in the morning. People could enjoy breakfast made by local bakers. They could follow the live arrival of the tram at the Port. Watch the films and come and meet the actors at the site. People could also discover video clips of the children of the Terra Amata leisure center, the drawings of the neighborhood schools and the street art made by the colleges to celebrate the arrival of the tram.

There were also many free activities such as a musical atmosphere. There were playful and creative workshops offered by the Port Avenir Association: making Christmas balls, painting on pebbles, making chocolate bars, painting on plexiglass, pastry workshop, musical and culinary awakening, initiation to street art with OTOM artist, the test of electric bikes and scooters.

Underground section to Port Lympia station

Distrita has covered the construction of Line 2 in Nice before. Now this line is complete with 4 underground stations. A nice thing to know is that both at Jaen Medicin and at Garibaldi station Line 2 meets Line 1 which runs above.

With Line 2 you can now reach the main airport in the area from all of the underground stations including Port Olympia. It is amazing to see how fast it is taken now. Except for Line 3 extension in the north, this new light rail tram project is complete.

11 Years with the construction of Nice Light Rail Tram Network

  • 06 July 2013: Line 1 Pont-Michel – Hôpital Pasteur (0.7 km)
  • 30 June 2018: Line 2 CADAM – Magnan (7 km)
  • 15 Dec 2018: Line 2 Grand Arénas – Aéroport T2 (1.7 km)
  • 28 June 2019: Line 2 Magnan – Jean Médecin (2 km)
  • 13 Nov 2019: Line 3 Digue des Français – Saint-Isidore (3.8 km)
  • 14 Dec 2019: Line 2 Jean Médecin – Port Lympia

In 2007 the very first Line 1 opened between Henri Sappia and Pont-Michel. This was the very first 8 km that was taken into service. Today it is a 3 line network that is approx 23 km in size.

Map of the Public Transportation service in Nice, France

Light Rail Tram L2 now Reaches Port Olympia in Nice, France 1

Some Important Facts to Know

  • Now you can reach the Newest Port Lympia station which is located at the port of Nice, France.  Last stop on L2!
  • The CADAM Administration Center is also very near the Nice airport. The L2 line takes you there!
  • On Google Maps there is still no information about the Light Rail route. So be aware!
  • Remember! Not all of the L2 trains go to and from the airport. If you end up at CADAM. You can take it one station back to Digue des Francai where you can switch to the L3 line that takes you directly to the airport.

So book that ticket to Nice. A very nice French city in the south. With such a nice light rail tram network. You can get around the town without problems. Just remember the lines and you can adjust your mind after where they go. So if you are someone without a driver’s license or just want to visit a nice town. Nice in France is waiting for you!

Viva la Nice!


Source: Alex Spotter Train on YouTube