Here is our exclusive interview of Kylie Tse, spreading a panda scroll from Hong Kong. Kylie Tse travels around with her panda scroll promoting her artistic father and peace for all in the world. Read our interview with interesting information about her and her father in our quite unique and Exclusive Interview. Read on…

Can you please tell us a little about your background?

I am an exchange student from The Education University of Hong Kong to Högskolan Kristianstad in Sweden for a semester. My father is a well known artist in Guangzhou. I found out that I have nearly a month day off of my school, because of the course I had chosen. Therefore, I decided to travel and I took my dad’s scroll with me.

Panda Worldwide Campaign

picturesource Kylie Tse / Panda scroll in Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark

How did you come up with the Panda Worldwide Campaign?

My dad wants me to help him to express his ideas:

  • 1) To be happy everyday
  • 2) To know more about Chinese culture
  • 3) To be friendly to our environment


I really like these ideas and his artworks. Beautiful things could arouse more love and hope. I would like to show the scroll wherever I go. So people could listen to my dad’s ideas with peaceful feelings and remember those ideas.

What is he working with? Pandas and artwork?

It is my father’s artwork (Panda Worldwide Campaign). My father is Li Tou. He is a artist born in 70’s. He is a painter, sculptor, writer, designer and also a photographer. Moreover, he works as a television producer and magazine publisher.
He is not only an artist, but also a new generation of young people’s idol. He is a host of some TV shows and radio shows.

How did you manage to travel around the world like this?

I had part-time jobs as a tutor during my studies in Hong Kong. I could pay for the traveling partly with money I had earned and my parents helped me with the rest.

What does the pandas mean to you personally?

To me, it is love more then amazing lovely pandas. I love my dad, so I am willing to help him express his ideas, I put nearly 6kg’s scroll in my backpack as a female backpacker. I love the Chinese culture so I don’t mind spending my traveling time opening and closing around 26+4 meters scroll to show our pandas. I love our Earth and everyone, so I want to talk with them, to share the idea of environmental friendliness and I wish we can share the happy feeling.

Love let me feel save, because carrying those pandas feels like I’m traveling with my family. Love let me meet many new friends and have many unpredictable but amazing experience.

Panda Worldwide Campaign

picturesource Kylie Tse / Panda scroll in St John’s College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

What do you think that the countries and cultures think of this panda project?

In general, people loved the ideas and the artwork and they encouraged me to keep going.

In the UK and Denmark, people liked the idea and they were enthusiastic, but it was not exactly a new thing for them because a lot of Chinese artworks had been already presented there. For Norwegian people it was a completely new experience, they have never encountered this before. In Amsterdam people were asking more detailed questions about the artwork. Especially, they asked questions about material, ink or methods which had been used.

How much of the traveling time do you spend?

It is hard to say. It depends on the weather and if I am traveling alone. If I am alone I will spend more time showing the pandas and talking with people.

In what places in these countries, did you actually show the pandas?

See all of the pictures in this Interview as references, as well as these ones:

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How is the interest among people that you meet?

There are many people interested in the artwork. They will look at my pandas and me. Some of them will take photos far away from me (maybe they are afraid that they will have to pay for the pictures). Some of them will stop and ask me about the panda scroll and me. Some people like the ideas and even want to become friends. The most interesting experience for me was when you came to me and told me that you like panda and ask me for the interview on the It is a thing that I have never expected before.

What is you’re future plans for the trip?

I will still travel with my pandas when I am free, keep sharing my dad’s ideas and panda’s world, support my dad’s exhibitions, share my stories with my dad to inspire him. I could find a opportunity to help my dad hold exhibitions in different cities in the world. For example, to try to contact some galleries.

Panda Worldwide Campaign

picturesource Kylie Tse / Panda scroll in Estonia

What else have you seen and done when you visited Oslo, Norway?

I spent only one full day in Oslo. I have been to Munchmuseet, The Royal Palace, Ibsen museums, Batservice Sightseeting AS, Akershus Festning and Operahuset.

How many countries did you visit?

I visited Denmark, The United Kingdom, Netherland, Norway, Estonia and of course Sweden during the exchange semester.

Is there a place, where people cam see your pandas on the net?

At this moment, you can see my father’s artworks at 01, 02 7/F 686RENMINBEILU, GUANGZHOU, 510012, CHINA or Unit 2 5/F ONE MIDTOWN11 HOI SHING RD TSUEN WAN NT HONGKONG. And he will have exhibitions in Hong Kong and mainland China. For more details, you can check his website or Facebook profile.

What do you think of the countries where you have been to?

I think I cannot say which country, because people from all countries I visited were very kind and understanding and all of them were looking forward to the next exhibition of my father.

Bonus Question! Support Question!? Where do you’re father promote his panda project?

Questions in this exclusive Interview is done by Michal and Trond. Thanks to Kylie Tse for doing this interview.

Here we’ve got some more photos of Kylie Tse’s trip for you

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