If you just want to impress your friends or family. Then try do Kogel Mogel, which is actually a very easy dessert to do. In fact it is one of the easiest desserts that anyone (even nerds) can make.

This is what you need

– 2 egg yolk (put away everything except the yellow thing)
– 3 teaspoons with sugar
– Blend until its all creamy

Just beat everything together so it form a creamy texture. No bites of sugar should be seen or tasted! If you are a man, you can mix this together on your own but you can also use a modern kitchen blender.

Try to use chocolate or something else for Kogel Mogel

My grandmother gave Kogel Mogel a lot to me when I was younger and lived in Poland. She always put kakao into the mix. It is also a very nice dessert that can help you when you got the flu. The dish is Served either warm or hot, it is considered a home remedy for sore throats.

Variations can be made by adding chocolate, honey, vanilla or strawberries. You can experiment a litte.

Creating the Ultimate dessert

Another version of Kogel Mogel is to mix everything in a bigger bowl and put it into the owen just so that the top becomes brown. Make sure that it wont get burned. When its ready, serve Kogel Mogel together with strawberries or bluebberies. Children especially will love this dessert.

Verdict: Just impress your girl friend. Its that easy dessert. A dessert like this, everyone can make. Its good for your throat and it gives many smiles.