With Christmas still going on, I woke up at 4.30 in the morning, because of a cold breeze blowing thru our sleeping room. I choose to take my mobile phone and walk out to our living room, waiting for the room to warm up a bit. Then first sentence from a friend of mine popped up saying that George Michael has passed away. I didn’t really think it was true, because many people posts lots of stuff on social media. Well, I checked the websites and none of them got their websites updated still about him gone. However more and more posts started to popup on social media and I decided finally to watch the news on BBC World at 5 o’clock in the morning and all of the writings on social media were true. So sad, soo sad I became.

George Michael Became only 53 Years old on 25th of December 2016
I am not going to speculate in how and why George Michael was found without a heartbeat on 25th of December this year, but missing this huge musical talent at a age of 53 is really hurting. After Michael Jackson and David Bowie gone, the next musical talent to fly away with the wind became George Michael.

He might not be as huge as Michael Jackson or David Bowie, but for me he was a much, much bigger singer and artist. All the way since Wham until now, when he made his own songs, George Michael have absolutely made me to the person that I am today. His pop songs have always been so spiritual and inspiring, so seeing this talented artist gone is so sad for me.

Absolutely stunning Killers version by George Michael

Killer by George Michael is one of World’s best Songs ever Made
I love all kinds of music, but if there is one song that I recommends anyone which asks me about what sort of song is my favorite, then Killer by George Michael is one of them. I will remember it all my life until my life comes to an end. It got such powerful beats and synths and it is very well made both on stage and in video.

So, this become the official Last Christmas for him, but the world will not forget. He is like a musical spirit now teaching us to maybe bring his music to all generations continue their life’s on earth.

Thanks you George Michael, for making the most fantastic music ever heard. Thanks for making me aware of how great music can be. Thanks for uplifting my worst days and Thanks for giving world your moves and voice. You will be remembered by millions across the globe. Love and Peace!