While the first series electric bus went into operation in Hamburg in Germany on 15th of November 2018. There is something going on in Kiel, Germany too. The city is now thinking of reintroduction of a light rail tram network. The concept should be ready by 2020.

Kiel in Germany is getting Ready for Light Rail construction

The bridge between the Norwegian side of the harbor and the city.

Kiel wants to try again to get a Light Rail Network

Kiel is mostly known for it’s thousands of Norwegians and Swedish people visiting it with ferries. With a population of over 246.000, the city size is similar to Bergen in Norway. With lot’s of shopping malls and great shopping streets. Kiel is not a small city anymore.

Until now, the city only got a bus city system. But that is polluting the air in the winter time a lot, so now the city is going to try again! Three years ago, Kiel did the last attempt for a city-regional train had finally failed, which you can read all about in German language here.  The Schleswig-Holstein capital now wants to reroute a purely inner-city light rail tram route in the city center.

Six political groups agreed to a request

Accordingly to Nahverkehr Hamburg website which is in German, they write that Kiel Council agreed with the votes of SPD, Greens, FDP, Left, SSW to create a concept by 2020. That will be the earliest time for construction to start for the first light rail line in Kiel. This also highlights the challenge of the construction phase for the Kiel economy and the benefits for retailers. In addition, there should be a comprehensive public participation. Everyone in Kiel will get benefit of the new light rail line.

Distrita thinks that the harbor of Kiel should get the light rail line too. It should be a very nice alternative for all coming to Kiel to take the light rail tram for visiting. Not only that, but also citizens of Kiel would be able to travel faster to their known destination in Kiel.

The Kiel CDU political party in Germany also had in an alternative idea. A reintroduction of the abolished in 1985 tram network. Previously this party wanted to expand the bus and ferry service in the city. But now they also seem to be more positive to reintroduce the tram also. Perfect!

Kiel Initiative welcomes planned construction of a Light Rail network in Kiel

The Kiel initiative “Tram for Kiel” welcomed the decision of the council:

“This was an impressive confirmation of the political will to launch the tram for Kiel and the
Administration has clear mandate to take the helm in the direction of a comprehensive turnaround in mobility, “said the chairman of the association, Jan Niemeyer.

According to the initiative, the construction of the light rail system offers the opportunity to redesign the public space:

“from wall to wall and to enhance cycling and pedestrian traffic.”

The “Tram for Kiel” initiative is a group of people in the city that consists of citizens, associations and companies that is now calling for swift planning and equipping the city administration with the necessary human and financial resources.

Kiel in Germany is getting Ready for Light Rail construction

Even taller buildings in Kiel looks nice with all of the trees around it!

All bigger cities Needs to have a Transit option

Germany is one of countries in the world with most cities with a transit option. Kiel is one of few German cities without a proper transit option. Either its Tram, Light Rail, Metro or Local Train Tram service. The choice is huge. But we at Distrita thinks that a Light Rail tram service is the best choice for Kiel. The town got some quite big streets that would be perfect for the tram! And as written earlier. The tram should connect the most important spots in the city with the central train station and the harbors.

Kiel is such a beautiful city. Everytime I have visited this city with the ferry from Oslo. I am stunned about the city. I really love the architecture of it! And with a light rail network Kiel would be amazing to visit.

It is known that around light rail tram networks. The car traffic reduces a lot. You can go and visit Dublin, Ireland or Bergen in Norway. Then you will notice a traffic reduction in the areas where the light rail trams goes. We will follow this news! And hope to announce in mid 2020 where Kiel’s first light rail route will go by then.


Source: Nahverkehr Hamburg