There are so many different keyboards out there. But you do have The Three Ways To Cloud Compute with every computer system that is out. You have the Mac ones, and then you have the PC ones. Apple set a standard of separated keys kindoff… You as a person should always try new keyboards at the store first. Don´t be shy, because keyboard can either heal or hurt your hands for sure.

The Three Ways To Cloud Compute
Buttons is Easy to get Heavy by using this one. Can hurt your fingers after a while

Apple Keyboards:
The newest keyboards is the best ones for sure. You type very fast on them, but they aren´t really made for playing games. Its a bit not comfortable. So if you choose to use OSX, we recommend a Logitech keyboard etc. They are much more experienced in making keyboards that can be used for both playing and serious stuff.

Distrita have been tried Apple keyboards with high towered buttons and the new slim ones. The new slim ones is for sure a great buy. The high towered button keyboards kills your arms in the end, because the pressure is quite high.

The Three Ways To Cloud Compute
Nice one, which does its job

PC Keyboards:
Most of the PC keyboards are becoming very alike Apple keyboards. The keys are usually separated also, even though PC keyboards actually invented this (someone remember?). The cheaper ones is horrible to type one, while the more expensive ones is better. Keytronic made some awesome PC keyboards back in the days. Today Logitech is one of the leading companies making awesome keyboards for PC. But these can also be used with Mac and Amiga home computers with some minor adjustments.

Amiga Keyboards:
The keyboards for classic Amiga have less keys. They have all 96 keys, which is the perfect amount of keys on a keyboard. Amiga keyboards is still one of the favourites to type on for me. Do you remember the Keytronics keyboards? They had this “click” “click” sound too. Amiga keyboards do have them also. But because of the Amiga keyboard layout itself. You feel that you have much better control. Also the fact that you see the differences between the letter typing keys and function keys all over the keyboard. Helps you type fast from the very beginning. Amiga keyboards are perfect to get the fast typing rythm for your hands.

The Three Ways To Cloud Compute
Yet very old. These keys keeps you writing and writing and writing…

Conclusion to The Three Ways To Cloud Compute

If you really want to have good hands when you get older. Get a keyboard that makes you sit in front of a computer and not thinking of bad fingers. The keyboard you use should be good for your hands from the very first beginning. There are some stores here in Europe which lets you buy and try, then deliver back if the product you by is un-satisfying.