This is one of the most underrated gems of Eurovision in 2019. Why didn’t it win the national Eurovision contest? It should have become Norway’s monumental song in 2019.

KEiiNO is known to be good at mentioning the northern part of Norway in a monumental way!

This remarkable song titled Monument by KEiiNO was the ultimate song by the band that was going to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. It came in a good second place at the national final on the 20th of February 2021.

TIX won people’s hearts but KEiiNO would have won people’s hearts all over the world.

It’s really sad that Monument never went further. TIX song is another story it seems. It is good, but I think it was lacking the beauty of Eurovision. KEiiNO is played a lot on various radio stations in Norway. Their music is uplifting and that’s what is a huge difference for a show like Eurovision. But people voted.

The Grand Final in the Eurovision 2019 contest

KEiiNO is one of Norway’s best dance bands ever formed.

This is a dance-pop group that is promoting the Sami language a lot in a very positive way. Each of their songs is filled with amazing Sami lyrics. Monument shouldn’t be buried at all, but Spirit In The Sky went pretty far back in 2019.

The Grand Final at Eurovision in 2019

KEiiNO finished in 6th place at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

I can’t speculate too much, but Monument is ever more powerful and it promotes the northern parts of Norway like no other song has done before. It would be a monumental song giving huge credits to the awesome Sami people.

Now, KEiiNO must continue doing dance type of music. Don’t change. All of your music is monumental!