Iceland is getting a boom after the corona it seems. In 2020 the airport only saw 28317 passengers at the same time of year as now. In September 2021 the airport saw 326331 passengers. That is an increase of 1.5% which is huge for Iceland.

Also, other airports in Iceland have seen an increase in passengers coming. The pandemic is over and it is great to see that people can move around again. Travel is important for health and gives the visitor lots of inspiration.

There are several ways of getting to Iceland. Flights are one thing but you can also travel to Iceland by sailing from Denmark. It all depends on how you want to reach the country. Getting from the Keflavik Airport to the city center of Reykjavik is easy but there are also budget alternatives to look at if you want to save.

Including being the most important airport in Iceland. The airport also consists of bus connections with the Reykjavik Airport that can take you further into other towns in Iceland.