Three year old Karina disappeared in the Siberian wilderness on 29th of July this year.

The little girl walked by her father Rodin from the villages Olom in Olyokminsky district of the giant Sakha Republic far eastern Russia, writes The Siberian Times.

See the YouTube clip here (article follows under the video):

On the ninth day, when Karina was missing the dog must have walked back to the village alone and after eleven days alone in the wilderness of Siberia, the girl was found alive with the dog. The girl was also saved by the dog, which took good take of her.

This scary story starts with that Karina got lost from her father in the area that is home to both wolves and bears. She and the dog Kyrachaan – which means “little” in the local language yakutian – held together in the wilderness for nine days. The girl have survived on water and berries.

In good physical condition:
Amazingly. The girl had good physical condition, as she is part of people which speaks the local yakutian-language. Under the frighten circumstances, she was in good physical condition, when she was found.

The dogs name is Kyrachaan and shows how animals can protect others too.

The Siberian Times