Relaxing Resort with Trees and Water

In Garut, which is about 2 hours by car from Bandung, Indonesia. A resort called Kampung Sumber Alam is a bit different resort.

The resort got a concept which is nice and take you back in time. The “village” concept is showing the specialty of “Sundanese architecture” with building on the top of “belong” covered with “ijuk” (thatched–roof) and “teras ngapung” representing architecture culture of “Kampung Cipanas in Old Period”. All bungalows got bathtub and shower, where you can enjoy to bath yourself in a natural sulphurous hot spring water from a nearby volcano, Mount Guntur.

From the locals, it is cheaply priced. But, if u stay overnight in the resort, it’s a little bit expensive. On weekends a lot of domestic tourists stay there, but locals say that the resort lacks tourists from outside of Indonesia.


Map of the Kampung Sumber Alam resort

So, if you want to visit some place in Indonesia which is without lots of cars and noises. Then its time to try Kampung Sumber Alam resort in Garut just outside of Bandung. So, if you like to meet locals in a more relaxed environment, this is the place to visit.

All of the rooms include Newspaper, Breakfast, a ticket for Swimming Pool and Soaking Room. Also if you bring Children there they also have free access to Children Playground there also.

The prices go from 36,- Euro for Villa Kawung which gives you a unique two-story studio apartment without a kitchen. It still consists of a Living room, bathroom and toilet are downstairs while the bedroom upstairs is quite spacious and comfortable. From here, the prices go up as high as 945,- Euro. Depends on what you really need!

Most expensive one includes 2 Bungalow, Equipped with outside Private Aqua Medic Pool and Pavilion. It seems to be meant for 10 people it seems.

All of the prices are cheapest during the week, while on Saturday in the weekend is the most expensive day to stay there.

Here is all Important info you need:
Check-In Time 14.00 ~ Check Out Time 12.00


Take the stress away at this resort

Kampung Sumber Alam
Jl. Raya Cipanas 122 Garut, Jawa Barat Indonesia

Website :

[email protected]

: [0262] 237700 / 238000
Faks : [0262] 232569