Welcome to Oslo by Public Transportation

Most of the people that come to Norway Oslo think that it is very expensive here. The reason for that is that the price level in Norway is very high. It is actually so high that the tourist writes bad written books and comments about Oslo.

Yes, I am really into that Oslo can be very expensive but if you want to go affordably places in Oslo it is also possible. especially in the eastern part of Oslo, it is affordable to eat drink or even buy food. But that’s not what we want to focus on in this article. I want to focus on the transportation possibilities in Oslo right now.

So let’s guide you to Oslo’s more affordable side. Just do not take a taxi if you want to save money for other important sightseeings.

Forget to Go by Taxi in Oslo

If you want to get ruined when coming to Oslo I am recommending you to book a taxi. But if you want to travel affordable in the capital of Norway. Then you need to continue reading this article. Because this can save you a lot of money when coming to Oslo.

Public Transportation in Oslo Options

All these works on one ticket in Oslo. Forget to take a Taxi here

Public Transportation Options in Oslo

The cheapest way of getting around in Oslo is by taking public transportation. This is because the company (Ruter) you are buying the tickets from in Oslo also got deals with the railway company. This means that you can travel with 1 ticket on several public transportation options. With the cheapest one costing 36 NOK works for one hour within the City Limits.

With this 35 NOK single ticket, you can take the Metro, Tram, Buses, and Trains (within the borders of Oslo) for 1-hour. But if you plan on staying for 24 hours. We really recommend you to get a day ticket which also works in the same way as the single tickets. But this one works for 24-hours instead of 1 hour.

There are also tickets for 7-days and more. You can even get a 365 Days ticket, but that costs a lot but it will save you a lot of money if you are going to stay in Oslo for a year.

Here we have a good example of the costs of Single Tickets in Oslo VS Taxi

Adults 1 zone: 36 kroner
Children and Seniors 1 zone: 18 kroner

This type of ticket applies for one journey with transfers. A 15 minutes ride with the taxi in Oslo it cost you about 300 kroner just for that journey. So as you can see. The price difference is huge and with the awesome public transportation in Oslo, you will get around easily. The public transportation network reaches almost all of the areas of Oslo and there’s hardly any walking needed. You can use the bus, tram, metro or even the train. Check their maps which you can find on Ruters website here.

For many more Oslo related articles. Our suggestion is to jump into our Oslo Guide site which aims at giving you our affordable tips. Because we believe that Oslo doesn’t deserve to be mentioned as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Oslo is a big town and so different areas of it got different prices on almost everything. Yes, you can even get a haircut for under 200 NOK in the eastern part of the town while on the western side that same haircut costs you more than 600 NOK. So we recommend this site to any backpackers or any Airbnb visitors to come and check out that site. You can save a lot.