If you love the Just Cause series. Then you will love Just Cause 4. We think there are three types of gamers. 1. Those which plays anything regarding its retro, new or just interesting. 2. Those which just plays the Newest titles because everything else is not fun anymore and 3. Those which just love one specific title for a looong time. Just Cause got the 3. gamers.

Just Cause 4 is the same Just Cause but with More Features and Better Graphics

The Just Cause game series got the same plot. Its easy to understand and the characters are quite interesting too like in GTA. However, the main character here can do so much more. Just Cause is simply a much more intensive GTA type of game. The plot is thin, but its the same throughout the series!

Here some interesting communistic alike regime is trying to take over a country. Your mission in the game is to walk, drive, fly, destroy and Free people. You can also do exactly whatever you want too, except for Multiplayer. This is an awesome single player game!

Open world game with amazing Action built into the Game lifts this game A lot above other free roam Games

Just Cause 4 is one of very few games that is part of a game series that is able to compete against GTA. But this game got a lot more amazing Action. The explotions and what you can actually do with the weapons you have is amazing. Just Cause series is all about having Fun when playing. So, sit back and relax. Watch the world Exclusive gameplay that Nerd3 YouTuber plays below. He really shows what you can do in Just Cause 4.

We at Distrita is really looking forward to the release of Just Cause 4

Thanks to Square Enix for providing early access to the game! This video wasn’t paid for and all opinions are mine. A Square Enix employee brought this version to my house on a laptop and I recorded it using my usual setup before editing the video myself later. I fed the Square Enix employee sandwiches and some vegetarian sausage rolls.

He is lucky..  he got to test it. Nicely done by Square Enix for sure. He is one of the best YouTubers presenting games in a ackward but very professionally way. See the video and let’s hope that this game will be out soon. Just Cause 4 will be Everything! It will ruin my social life… I hope not. Distrita will make a review of it anyway. And do buy Nerd3’s book which is out now also. Distrita supports these YouTubers.


Source: Distrita Own Experience, Nerd3 on YouTube