One of the most known persons in Eurovision is Jon Ola Sand. Its that guy they all check with before he says “take it away” word. NRK announced today that Jon Ola Sand has accepted the job as a project manager at the NRK office.

Leaves after almost 10 Years

After almost 10 years he leaves Eurovision. Now he will be working with the development of the organization when NRK plans to move into a new building at a later stage.

Jan Ola Sand had his job since 2010. His first Eurovision final was in Düsseldorf in 2011. But now he leaves the spotlight for good it seems. Before he started the job it wasn’t an easy task for EBU to decide if it was going to be him that would lead Eurovision. But they did.

Jon Ola Sand leaves Eurovision after almost 10 Years as the Manager

He is returning home to Norway

He writes that EBU has been exciting and wonderful, but it will be good to come home to Norway, he tells NRK.

Jon Ola’s dedication and steady hand have been invaluable to the EBU and its member countries. Together with them, he has provided growth and development of the Eurovision Song Contest (which is the worlds largest and biggest music festival).

Now he will be an important resource for NRK, which is the national television broadcaster in Norway.

Jon Ola Sand will have his last “Take It Away” in Rotterdam

Who will replace him is still not known. But in 2020 he will be saying “Take It Away” for the last time to the program managers in Rotterdam next year. Update: Eurovision is canceled and replaced by an alternative show named “Eurovision: Europe Shine a light”. Also read: This is how close we get a real Eurovision contest in 2020.

eurovision 2020 results
Jon Ola Sand supposed to be in Rotterdam, but due to the corona virus the entire contest was canceled. But Sweden made their own contest where 25 countries are performing their songs. And one winner is picked!
Jon Ola Sand leaves Eurovision after almost 10 Years as the Manager

Another thing Jon Ola Sand will be remembered for is that he rarely had enough poker face to not reveal on his facial expression whether Norway went ahead or not when it was revealed in the semifinal Norway participated in.

EBU now has a job to do to find Jon Ola’s descendant. Rumours is that Swedish Christer Bjørkman might be a current candidate.

Time will tell, we at Distrita will nevertheless thank Jon Ola for an outstanding job. He’s been a source that is remarkably well known all over the world.

Source: NRK