Before time was time. There was Nokia N9 smarthpone with MeeGo. A phone, that could have saved Nokia. This smartphone was the only phone with MeeGo operating system from Nokia. The phone got a very nice design (similar to Nokia’s Windows phone mobiles) and is one of the mobile phones on the market that could fight with iOS about speed at that time.

Before Sailfish OS got released. The history of it goes into MeeGo roots.

MeeGo was a Linux-based OS, which had help from Intel. Then the Linux foundation canceled MeeGo in September 2011 as Samsung was going to launch Tizen. Then in July 2012 Jolla announced that they will continue and so Sailfish OS was born. Today it is here om Jolla’s first smartphone device.

Jolla have added proprietary multitasking user interface programmed by Jolla. So Sailfish OS is able to do Live Multitasking. Another thing which Jolla have done is to add Android compatibility.

Once Distrita gets a device for review, we will reveal everything. We will also give you a easy step by step guide about Sailfish OS.