Distrita needs people! We need people which wants to write about whats happening in your area and the world. We also wants to get someone that loves to write about what you like to do, to see and taste. Are you the one we are looking for? Join us! It’s fun! We want to be a magazine, that’s not only about what massmedia writes. We want to be independent and accurate news source. We want to tell the world about anything that happens. Many doesn’t know about things happening on places they don’t know so much about. Distrita tries to inform you news from every corner, and that’s why we are looking for you. Let us change the world news agenda. Let us tell the important news and not what USA, CNN or BBC tells us whats important.

Welcome and we hope that You want to join us and help spreading important messages to everyone out there. We’re waiting! Is this the thing for you? Contact us, by using our contact form here!:

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