In Oslo, Norway you have several American burger chains that have been there for several years. However, Pizza Hut didn’t manage to survive. So! It’s very interesting to see if Johnny Rockets will succeed. They will need to get every positive help that they can get and Also! Set the prices at the level of McDonald’s and Burger King in Norway. Johnny Rockets need to set their burger menu prices in a competitive way. Will they do so, or not? Well now they do hiring. So be quick. Here is the text from their website translated to English. Maybe you want to apply?

Johnny Rockets is Hiring People in Oslo

Do you want to become part of an international Diner Concept that is being established in Norway?

Johnny Rockets began in the United States more than 30 years ago and is a classic diner with roots in American cuisine. Now they will come to Norway. So now Johnny Rocket seeks cooks, service workers and shift managers for our first establishment in Storgata in Oslo!

With the team, they need dedicated employees who can identify with our values:

Inclusive, Clear and Happy Person

You will get a good training and follow-up of the training team from Johnny Rockets USA and the leaders of the restaurant. We believe that the experience of the guests does not exceed the experience of the employees and seek employees who through enthusiasm, pride and good mood help serve the best food quality with playful, warm and knowledgeable service. We see that you are handling Norwegian or another Scandinavian language and English. Working hours will vary between daytime, evening and weekends.

They also seek cooks which are good at these terms

  • Love to work with good ingredients and thrive? when cooking in the kitchen.
  • Previous experience from a similar position
  • Good familiar with HSE, IK-Food and hygiene requirements
  • Tired to work in teams in a hectic environment
  • Pride in cooking with good quality

They also seek service workers such as

  • Is outgoing and creates energy with others.
  • Have a genuine interest in service and that puts the guest in the center.
  • Like to take the initiative to create that little extra? for our guests
  • Tired to work in teams in a hectic environment

Johnny Rockets is also looking for supervisors

  • Self-driven, solution-oriented and playful
  • A distinguished service person and? a good role model with implementing power
  • A good motivator
  • Does the team keep together and are busy? of cultural construction
  • Flexible and structured

Johnny Rockets is Hiring People in Oslo

Does working for Johnny Rockets sound Interesting for You?

Submit an application on Applications are processed on a continuous basis. If they find your application interesting then you will be contacted.
Admission: From the end of April. Mark application with either: Chef or Service employee or Shift

More delicious burgers than on McDonald’s Americans says to Distrita when asking in Social Media

Americans that Distrita knows overseas replies to our question about the quality of the food: Their burgers, the shakes and the fries from Johnny Rockets is delicious. They also have also mentioned that the food quality is much better than on McDonald’s.

Our own view will be revealed once Johnny Rockets have opened their first restaurant. It will be interesting to test the food once the restaurant in Torggata in Oslo opens as seen on the picture taken by us above. The restaurant will be located near Gunerius shopping center. So it will be really easy to find. With McDonald’s opening over 100 new restaurants in the Nordic countries and Burger King following them closely. It will be interesting to see how this American Burger chain will manage to survive in Norway. Also the Swedish burger chain MAX is doing well.

Burger meals however in Norway is a safe bet. It is a meal that all Norwegians loves to eat and it is therefore nice see competition growing in Norway, which needs competitive prices so that customers can get more to choose. So, if you want a challenge and have experience working at restaurant or at a fast food restaurant. We urge you to apply. Really interesting seeing Johnny Rockets entering the Norwegian market. All kudos to you from Distrita.


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