Amiga’s turbulent history after Commodore went bancrupt in 1994, is a saga that only few want to share info about. Now, AMICast Podcast have got an exclusive interview with Jim Collas. A CEO at Gateway 2000 that became the chairman of the Amiga division in the company. He worked together with Petro Tyschtschenko and others from Amiga Technologies to bring Amiga into an open platform. Jim’s plans was to move Amiga onto Transmeta CPU that was able to run different instructions at once. He also wanted to patent AmigaOS menus and push Amiga forward. He also introduced a new type of Amiga machines that was going to be released under Amiga Multimedia Convergence Computer (MCC) name, but it never came because of chaos in the company.

So, go over to AMICast Podcast website and choose Episode 12. Every Amiga interested person will have a good time listening to this interview.

Listen to Episode 12 of AMICast Podcast Here