The so talented Jennifer Lawrence from the blockbuster The Hunger Games movies will from now on also create her own movies. She have just become a director!

Jennifer LawrenceAmazing actor and respected worldwide
Jennifer is now 25 years old and now it is time for her to make her own movies she says. Distrita wishes her all the best. Not only did she play great in The Hunger Games movies (yes, he saved the last movie from totally disaster!), but she is also known for her role in Silver Linings Playbook which she won Oscar prize for in 2013.

Now she is ready for a new challenge. Entertainment Weekly writes that she is directing the film “Project Delirium.”

– I’m going to direct something called Project Delirium, which is based on an article about mental warfare 60s, says Lawrence to the US site. Source Entertainment Weekly

Distrita wishes Jennifer all the best as director but we also hopes that she will continue acting. A very good actor. Not just for the looks but she also have talent. All the best from us.

Entertainment Weekly