Google is stepping up its security, regarding Javascript files. Soon these files will be blocked by Gmail.

Extensions with .EXE, .MSC and .BAT
Files with extensions that .exe, .msc and .bat are already blocked automatically in Gmail.

Google announced that also Javascript files, that js, which will be attached to e-mails will be blocked in all Gmail e-mails from February 13th.

The files themselves are not dangerous, but attackers could use such files to infect PCs with hostage care and malware. The change to Google’s purely a precautionary measure is an evolution.

Filter will detect Javascript
According to the company’s filter able to detect Javascript files even if they are sent as .zip, .tgz, .gz or .bz2. Google recommends instead users to upload files to Google Drive or other cloud storage services if you have to send JavaScript files.

With all of the e-mail accounts recieving commercials to them, this block will be a relief for many. It will also increase the security for Windows users a lot. Great move, we think.

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