While most of the world been focused on the issue in Thailand, where a few children got stuck in a cave. The Japanese landslides is almost forgotten by the media. Yesterday, NRK which is the national tv channel in Norway.

Almost 70% of the main news program on NRK which is called Dagsrevyen reported on whats going on in Thailand, while the Japanese landslides and weather issues where several people are dead got like 2% of it.  The channel also had LIVE broadcast from the happening in Thailand, while there was NO live coverage from the tragedy in Japan.

Landslides rises to 157 is getting critical in Japan

Rescuers battled on Tuesday to find dozens of people still missing after torrential rains devastated parts of western Japan, with flooding and landslides leaving 157 dead so far.

It’s pretty intense loosing 157 people as stated on japantoday.com here, compared to 1 death in Thailand. Both cases are important news happenings. But why the Thailand case got so much more attention than the issues happened in Japan is really strange ignorance for me. I know that NRK in Norway does have deals with news giving companies like NTB and Reuters. But to focus on the Thailand case so much is really bad!

Worst mudslides with Number of deaths in Japanese landslides since 1982

The downpours triggered mudslides and left homes flooded in a wide area, mainly from Friday afternoon to early Saturday, with the number of deaths the highest caused by rain in Japan since 1982.

Rescuers stepped up search efforts in Hiroshima Prefecture where massive landslides occurred, leaving more than 50 dead and multiple people still unaccounted for.

Almost no information about the crises in Japan reached our media in Norway. It’s like if its too far from us. We shouldn’t cover the news that much? Also, because 77% of Norway is on vacation. So, all have summer holidays. Less service in all areas, also on TV. But to watch that the Thailand case with a few children stuck in a cave got way more attention than the landslide case in Japan with several hundred dead is beyond my understanding.

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Source: japantoday.com