The small island country in Asia beside China which is as big as Norway, but doubletwice as many people got a positive record in January. Japan recorded highest number of tourists ever in January. The Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) said this on Wednesday.

According to the JNTO, 1,218,400 foreign tourists visited in January, up 29.1% from January 2014.

What can the reason be? Cheaper to goto Japan? More people interested in see Manga and Anime games and characters on the streets? Their neighbours in South Korea seems to be the largest part.

By nationality, South Koreans accounted for the highest number with 358,100, followed by Chinese (226,300) and Taiwanese (217,000). Visitors from Australia totaled 48,600 which was also a historical best. Australians likes to go skiing in Japanese ski resorts and in this January, Japan had some heave snow falls giving lots of nice snow.

Now as its Chinese New Year today, many will come to Japan also.