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How can Japan be so heartless towards its prisoners? No bed for those waiting for getting a sentence. I really saw up to Japan but after knowing about how the Japanese Police and the state are treating humans in their prisons. I am sure that getting jailed in Japan is at the same level as North Korea.

The Japanese Police sign looks like a communistic star that got many similarities that can be seen here. Police are daily bribed by the Yakuza and have no control it seems. No media cover this but this proves that the Japanese prison cells are like in North Korea. This topic is about a Norwegian lady at 35 and that the Police assumed that she is dealing with drugs. What is going on with Japan?

I write about this since about other chases in Japan that involve its Police doing very awkward decisions. My friend in Japan got hit by a Yakuza member in a bar in Tokyo some years ago. The Police did nothing because of attacks from Yakuza. But when an innocent Norwegian lady gets cookies that eventually contain narcotics. She is jailed? This is so wrong in so many levels!…

World’s most corrupted Police force

It seems to me that the Police force in Japan is not regulated by the government but by Yakuza. It feels so strange writing about this topic as on almost every topic this country seems to be at a human level. But the Police and laws in Japan seem to be from a time when it was much more common to punish people and leave their souls to die together with their bodies in a cell.

As long as the Police don’t have the full pieces of evidence. Why should they prison her? This is totally wrong. Tomorrow it seems as if she can leave the prison according to this article in Norwegian. But this doesn’t make Japan look any better after what they have done. I am sure that there are several more foreigners that sit in Japanese prisons without any solution at all because the Japanese Police don’t know how to be humans.

Police in Japan got North Korea standards

Japan seems to work very well until Yakuza or anyone bribing them turns them against people totally. Without checking your background you can risk in be visiting a jail cell without knowing the reason. Also the judges and people that should be able to help you have no access to the chase.

You as an individual person seem to have nothing to say in any chase in Japan. Police can do anything to you as they want and this is a very similar thing to do in dictator countries such as North Korea. It is then very silly of Japan to act as if they’re a civil state. A country that soon will have Olympic games seems to have a terror Police force that makes people suffer because of their in-humane thinking.

This is a very sad case for Japan. People that I have been talking to in Japan says that none of the news corporations there have mentioned anything about this chase. Is the media trying to hide what the Police are doing in Japan or do Police have control over the media in what they can or cannot say about the Police force there?

So it seems that Japan isn’t the best country to be in Asia. They just try to make people think that way. I have got a quite different impression of Japan now. You never know when you can get arrested there. It is just scary.


Source: Dagbladet