Do you want to visit the distillery that has been making the world’s favorite Irish whiskey for over 200 years? Then why not plan a trip to Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland?

It was established in 1780 so it has a long and interesting history, and it’s quite succesful! So motivating and cool! On the tour we learn everything about Jameson’s production, from the mashing and fermenting to the triple distillation process, which separates it from so many other whiskeys and makes the Jameson so unique! We gonna watch David as he becomes an official Jameson Irish Whiskey Taster! Head to Dublin to get your own diploma. And just before you leave, you will get some wonderful trials! We loved the strawberry drink – with Jameson’s whiskey of course. Or why not try a Jameson Hot Chocolate! There are no limits, but there’s just one Jameson! Absolutely worth a visit! You don’t need to like Whiskey for liking this visit! IT’s mandatory when you are in Dublin!