In September, the 31st Fantasy Film Festival begins with performances in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart it says on website. This includes the Finnish adaptation of the Amiga classic “It came from the desert”, which looks really awesome. This looks like a horror movie that is taking the Amiga game title to the extreme. 

It Came From The Desert Movie is based on the classic Amiga game from Cinemaware

In 1989, Cinemaware released It Came From The Desert game that what ahead of its time. It had fantastic animations, music, sounds and also gameplay. Now, some people in Finland decided to create a movie based on this popular game that was released for Amiga and IBM PC.

It Came From The Desert Trailer from Fantasy Filmfest on Vimeo.

Meteor hitting the Earth with gigantic ants in the desert

This new movie is about a meteor which leads into spreading of gigantic ant alike alien creatores in the desert of New Mexico to the domestic animal world. Eighty years later, the humans manges to open a strictly secret military research base. Here they have managed to keep those ants trapped. But not anymore. The self-imposed and genetically modified giant-ants gets loose after a laboratory accident!

Shortly thereafter the friends Brian and Lucas together with the stunning Lisa on the way to the area. Because, as the genre law wants, a few motorcross teams have decided to throw a fat party with beer, bikes and chicks in this desert. Needless to say, the miserable crawlers have something against this kind of leisure activity! So! The gigantic alien ant battles begins in the desert.

Directed by the Finnish director! This will for sure be the popcorn movie of the year

Based on the Amiga classic of the same name from 1989. IT CAME FROM THE DESERT celebrates the in-house fun factor with unrestrained euphoria. This movie will make other horror splatter movies just look weak in comparisson for sure! If you haven’t seen the trailer above. You should!

The Finnish director Marko Mäkilaakso not only cites the original, but he also celebrates the unique Creature Feature Classics of the 50’s as it says on the Fantasy Film festival homepage. Or IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE with a firework at Insidergags. So that the blood of this splatter kind of movie is not too short. The FX Department has introduced a few overtime hours, where they have managed to created some of the ugliest and slimy creatures of the year hitting you in the cinemas worldwide very soon.

I am looking forward into seeing this movie for sure. Splatter movies are just popcorn movies deluxe and when this one is based on a Amiga game. Well, it’s something. Nice movie year in 2017 for sure and now this. Awesome!

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