There’s a jungle of scam and “making money” websites out there… Lots of them are obviously not easy to make any money from at all. But of course the Internet is a great way to make money. You just need to know how to do it right!

Is zulutrade a real way to make money online?

I have checked out lots of different websites and their offers for a while desperately need to make some mone. I’m in a situation where I can’t leave the home but take care of my mum all day. And it’s quiet difficult making profits on anything…

I had a look at some “make your own blog” websites. Of course there are ways to make money, but how to get traffic to your website and customers?

I also had a look at binary options trading systems. It sounds like brokers desperately want you to invest money and they dont care if you do it well or not!

So… I was thinking: Lots of people are doing trading at Forex as a full time job and make real money! Is there any way to copy that? Is there anything like a robot or something? A binary options robot that decide when it’s time to buy EUR/USD or other currencies, so you can just invest some money and let the computer to the rest for you? And I was NOT interested in buying a system for 5000 usd without having the ability to test it and review it first!

I have done a deep research, and finally I found a system that gives you 30 days free trial, no credit cards or anything required! The system is so easy! You have a Top 100 list of traders to choose from. Choose some of them, and choose the amount you want to inest. Then you will copy all their success! There are traders with up to 3000% ROI, and that’s incredible. I would be happy even if my account had a 200 or 300% growth! I decided to give it a try! I chose 3 traders and 5000 EUR on my demo account.

Online trading is popular but the forex market is not for newbies.With Zulutrade you can copy successful traders.Is zulutrade a real way to make money online?

shows the growth on my zulutrade after one month
shows the growth on my zulutrade after one month

In 30 days my account had grown from 5000 to 6209,41 EUR. That is 1209,41 in profit! That is amazing! I was so happy with the results that I wanted to used exactly the same traders and the same settings and start up a Live Account. I will let you know how that is going!

In the meantime:
If you want to try a demo account, click here

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