Is your Android mobile phone slow? Let Distrita help you

Android PhoneThere are quite many people that got issues regarding slow mobile phones. Here in this guide we want to help you out the best way we can. There are many reasons and with just small adjustments, you can do a lot for your beloved Android phone.

Apps on your Android phone
When you download apps from your favourite app store, you will also download functions to your Android phone. This means that these apps can read to your phone storage and mem capacity. If you download bigger apps like a web browser, social media or streaming apps, then they will use more than a simple editor etc. Make sure that you understand what you download or else your phone can get slow and you will waste lots of money calling customer services.

Top 3 programs that can cause slowdowns
1. Web browser apps
2. Social Media apps
3. Games

Solution for the web browser apps and social media apps is to find your programs folder on your Android. This should be in the Settings section of your phone.

From here you can click on each of the programs and clear the cache. If you have a microsd memcard, then moving the app is a wise thing to do. Especially if you got a cheaper Android phone with less internal storage space. When cleaning up cache and storage, you will notice speed increase a lot especially if you haven’t done this before.  There is almost no difference between a cheap and expensive phones regarding this as web browsers especially saves a lot on your phone. But do remember! If you delete cache, your browser will be empty of passwords and other information. So be aware!

Cheap Android phones can be fast also
If you have bought a cheaper Android device that got a microsd slot. Make sure that you actually use it instead of the internal mem, as this can either be very slow or the size of it decreases the speed. So, if your phone got less than 1GB of internal mem storage, then a microsd card should be used for all apps that you download. Only keep the apps that comes with the phone on it. Also do also make sure that photos or videos that you take is also stored on it.

If you can avoid buying a cheap phone with only internal mem, then that is the best solution. We have tested cheap phones from Samsung, LG and Sony in the past and we havent seen one without a mem slot. So do check this if you plan to buy a cheaper Android phone or even a tablet.

– Know what you Download to your phone!
– Make sure you delete cache and data files etc some times a year. Especially if you have only internal mem storage!
– Save or move your programs to a microsd memcard. Make sure that the internal mem is only for the operating system of the phone if thats possible!

We hope that with this guide, you can get a better phone experience, either you have a cheap or expensive Android phone.

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