Is Coyo the best taco restaurant in Oslo? We are giving you our honest opinion about this new Mexican restaurant near the Opera in Oslo. Sørenga is the newest residential area in Oslo, connected with a small bridge from the Opera House and very close to the Barcode and Old Oslo. Recently new and cool restaurants seem to have found their way to Sørenga, and thanks to the brilliant waterfront view, they may compete to the already established “Aker Brygge” and “Tjuvholmen” area. In Sørenga there is a new sandy beach available for everyone and it’s a nice sea front promenade around the entire residential area. Discover the new and exciting restaurants along the waterfront promenade – the Sørenga area. Are you ready for the Coyo Restaurant Oslo review?


You will find Coyo at the tip of the Sørenga waterfront

Coyo is a Mexican restaurant and tequila bar and opened in August 2017. It’s very easy to find Coyo when you walk along Sørenga, as it is a very big restaurant, and they also have a big outdoor area if you prefer to enjoy the sun. If you come from the Opera House, just walk over the connected bridge, and you will pass Sørenga Sjømat (sea food restaurant), Cargo (Italian restaurant), Evita Espressobar (cafeteria) and at the corner of the long line of buildings, you will just find Coyo. It catches our attention with it’s beautiful colors. I’m almost feeling I’m entering one of the restaurants at one of those gigantic cruise ships! The style here is nothing else than fancy!

Here the roof is tall and the lamps are amazingly huge and beautiful. The interior design overall is stunning and beautiful. The colors are mostly red, purple, yellow, the tables are in wood, some of the sofas are black, while others are very colorful having a full Mexican color scale, and having the same pattern as the walls! Actually we love the cool design, yeah everything with it. Even the bathrooms are very well decorated.

We have read about Coyo before and looked forward to its opening. This is what you can read on their website:

Coyo Restaurant

Coyo is an authentic Mexican restaurant with a menu consisting of everything we love about Mexico. All food is prepared by our Mexican head chef, Eduardo Vargas, whom always presents the most solid and tasteful dishes.

With its unique location at the very tip of Sørenga and an incredible view to the fjord, Coyo can offer great food and drinks in fantastic surroundings where the sun is up until the late hours. The restaurant has a capacity of 250 persons indoor as well as approximately 200 seats outdoor in what is undoubtly one of the best outdoor dining areas in the city.

Serving food until late

Coyo Restaurant

Time is almost 9pm but we had a long walk and feel just a little bit hungry, and decide to check out the menu. We are met by a smiling waiter that offers us to having a seat. He accompanies us to a beautiful designer sofa. It’s a normal Tuesday and we didn’t expect them to have many guests, as it is cold outside and it feels like summer already is gone, but indeed their restaurant is far from empty of people. Many groups of business people and even families are sitting around us. The music is soft and chill in the background. They are playing international music, and we don’t get the Mexican feeling at all, but it is good music. It’s relaxing to sit here and we feel very comfortable. Here we can relax with just a beer or some tequila shots, my friend says. But we are hungry and we ask the waiter if they still serve food. -Of course, kitchen is open until 10pm he says. We feel very well taken care of by the waiter, always with a smile in his face. He comes back with the menu after some few seconds, and while we are looking at it, he gives us two glasses of cold water.

They have an exciting menu including several kinds of fajitas, quesadillas, salads, specialities (main dishes). The menu of Tacos in soft corn tortillas (or taquitos since the tacos are very small) consists of 9 different tacos to choose from. A set of 2 tacos costs from 75-110 kroner ($9.65 – $15.32) . We are asking the waiter what he recommends and he is more than willing to share his favorites with us. He recommends “Tradicional Mexicana”: Marinated and grilled skirt steak of beef, nopal cactus, spring onions and chipotle salsa. We also order Pollo: Chicken breast in adobo paste, coriander and onion. The food arrives after only 5 minutes and we are impressed. And our first impression is good: It looks really delicious! It even smells fantastic, my friend says. And how is the food at Coyo? Is Coyo the best place for tacos in Oslo? Let’s continue reading.


Our honest Coyo Restaurant Oslo Review

I decided to order the chicken taco as it is always my favorite… But unfortunately not this time… The chicken taco comes with just a small slice of red onion on the top… We both are actually a little bit disappointed… It lacks a little taste… There is absolutely no sauce on it… It actually doesn’t have any flavor at all… -Strange… All Mexican Food uses to be spicy, my friend states… As a Mexican person would say: -No pica nada… Pica most often means something that bites, like chili picante, something that stimulates your appetite, and makes you want to come back for more. In this case, there is nothing that stimulates my appetite here. Actually I need to drink water to get it down… Yeah, it’s sad but it’s too dry…. Why couldn’t they give us at least a pinch of guacamole on the plate, my friend asks… It feels like eating dry chicken in a tortilla… We really looked forward to this one… Although the chicken is ok, it is too dry without anything else.

Coyo interior

But still we have the waiter’s favorite taco to check out: The “Tradicional Mexicana”. And it’s definitely tonight’s highlights. It’s very tasty. The skirt steak of beef is melting on my tongue and the combination of cactus, spring onions and chipotle salsa is very yummy. -We should have ordered more of this one, was our conclusion. This dish made it absolutely worth to visit Coyo, and it give me a hope that next time we are coming here we will check out more yummy Mexican food! We like the small taco size. It makes it easy to eat as finger food.

Why didn’t we mention for the waiter that we were not happy with the chicken taco before we finished it, my friend asks… – We should have told him, I agree, but the taco was small and we were hungry… After eating the “Tradicional Mexicana” we suspect the chief has forgotten to add an ingredient to our Pollo Taquito. There can’t be so big differences between their tacos… All should be very tasty, rico, delicioso… Right?

Coyo is the perfect place to start the weekend, yeah, I could even have my birthday party here, my friend says. The restaurant atmosphere here is among the best I have seen in Oslo. Well, it’s a huge restaurant, but it still doesn’t feel overwhelming, and the waiters give you plenty of attention, which is phenomenal. The relaxing feeling can’t go wrong with some Mexican platters and some beers on a Friday afternoon after work! We will definitely come back another weekend.

Update: Coyo has updated their menu on the 7th of September, and their new chicken taco includes onion, coriander, red salsa and lime.

Address: Sørengkaia 165, 0194 Oslo

Opening hours: 3pm – 11pm all days

Website info:

Maps – Where can you find Coyo in Oslo

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