Yet again. Apple is in focus as they launch their iPhone XR iOS smartphone. Which is a joke compared to their premium phones like iPhone XS! These playful phones comes in different colours and is meant for those that got a smaller budget. But in our thinking. We think that Apple is shooting their own foot by launching this iPhone.

The Pricing of this “budget” phone starts at whooping $749, and the device is available in a total of six different colours. Question is if this will take Apple to new heights or will iPhone XR be re-defining Apple’s downfall instead?

Squeezing smartphone prices up is Not re-defining

This phone from Apple should have be sold for maybe $200 to $300! And not be selling for the whooping xtravaganza price at $749! There is nothing with this “budget” phone from Apple that is re-defining anything! If there is something, is that Apple tries to do that with the price and it’s not going to work.

I am starting to wonder if Apple is doing this because they think that their own customers doesn’t know better? Is Apple trying to tell people that if they just put iPhone on it. It will sell for such price? Apple is really doing everything to pump ut the pricing on the smartphone market. The prices for their premium phones like iPhone XS I can understand the higher priced. However, the price for iPhone XR is the worst priced iPhone smartphone ever released by the company.

iPhone XR is out re-defining Apple yet again

If you want to get a iOS device – Get iPhone XS ! It’s much more about re-defining Apple for the better. Except for the pricing of it also!

The iPhone XS is also lacking 3D Touch

iPhone XS simply lacks so much. Lacking 3D Touch, got smaller screen and got no good screenmode. The LCD ‘Liquid Retina’ display with a resolution of 1792×828, which gives 326 pixels-per-inch is simply not enough for supporting the high pricing made by Apple at all. And then whatever colour version of the phone is irrelevant too.

We at Distrita recommend that if you really want a modern iOS smartphone. You better go for iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Yes, they are much better value for the money you spend. But then again, you are stuck with a bus parking lane on the top. And there is no good solutions in iOS to hide that feature neither.

Ohh well! I will keep my BlackBerry keyONE! And Apple do lower the price on iPhone XS!


Source: 9to5mac – Faksimile/Apple Photosource: Pixabay