A healthy iPhone 5 or iPad Pro with 64bit iOS can be completely broken if you set the date to 1st of January 1970. This error is related to a UNIX related problem which is a bigger issue than first thought.

Struggling with time and space
In several iOS versions time issues happens now and then. Examples on this goes on, but we bring one of the more known issue which is linked to the alarm function which halts and other strange errors has been detected in fresh iOS updates in connection with time.

But this time error is by far the most dangerous, for doing this you can not access the device without having to pay for service. This also means that iPhone security is not any better than Windows Phone or Android. So many Apple users have told me about how much more secure iOS is. Hmrf!…

1970 KILLS iPhone
Turn off the automatic timer, and set the date to January 1st 1970, and then do a reboot. If you got A7 (iPhone 5s), A8, A8X, A9 or A9X (iPad Pro) chip products from Apple and then try to reboot, the only thing you see on the screen will be Apple logo.

According Reddit account “vista980622” which first reported the error, it does not help to use DFU restore or recovery mode to salvage unit. The restoration is running as usual, but device is not going to be able to start up again.

Jailbrake Helps!
If your iOS device got “jailbroken”, then you can use BrickingDate who refuse malicious change to the dangerous date. But if not, there is no warnings made by Apple in this case.

Conclusion to this article is that we at Distrita urge you to not set your iPhone 5s or iPad Pro product to 1st of January 1970. This might break your phone totally. If you cant pull out your battery in an easy way, then you need to pay someone and its a loss of money that you could use for something far more important.