In the online magazine Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, they have made a new study where they conclude that iPhone owners is indeed much more status focused than Android users. Here we try to explain that and digg deeper than other sites have ever done. Read on..!

Status Android and iPhone users
Predicting the Behaviour of Smartphone Operating System Users

Like with the Apple, Nintendo and Amiga fans, the fans are the ones that keeps it all connected. The hardware specs might not be the highest priority for everyone, but the design, software and entertainment part is what keeps these status based communities alive. This even counts regarding the prices of these products, that tends to be higher for the consumers.

On the other side the PC, Linux, BSD and Android community is quite different. They are much less status oriantated. Most of these users doesn’t care about the status, but instead they just upgrade every 5-6 months with a newer PC or a newer Laptop. They are also those that just doesn’t understand the status thingy at all. They usualy don’t put the status thing high.

However, with mentioning Linux on the other side, there are also Linux and BSD camps, but they never manage to shape anything even if they manage to create awesome things. They often end up in splitting Linux distros into even smaller distros. This example also goes for AROS, that got so many different distros its not going to go where they really want to be.

iPhone owners is way more alike Apple owners in general than they might Know
Apple was created by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Steve Jobs was clearly the one that put design first and hardware as the second thing. This CEO of Apple, was so obsessed by the visuals and how people should communicate with a computer that this became his image. The creators of Atari and Amiga had exactly same ideology. But Bill Gates and IBM didn’t care. They pull all energy on outsourcing the PC motherboards, so that it could be affordable for everyone. Exactly oposite of this status thing.

Today as with years back, Apple have managed to give lots of people a mobile status. Ever since Apple started to focus on design, it’s been their trademark and people have kept that to their heart. First the Mac, iPad, iPhone and now iPad. Even when Apple jumped from PowerPC to Intel, people just didn’t care. They moved on with what the mighty Steve Jobs said. The status thingy have always been Apples trademark and its something that Microsoft and Google have tried to do! But Android reason for Android to not getting that status is because all mobile companies can actually do as they want. If you buy a Samsung, LG, Sony or whatever else Android phone. You get different styles of the touching menus etc but in the background its the very same operating system. All of these mobile manufactures can run almost anything that is on Play Store etc. That doesn’t create same status feeling at all.

The scientists in the magazine revealed that the most noticeable difference in status, came from female teenagers that really kept iPhone as their daily status. But it also revealed lower emotional, honesty and humility emotions in these people.  This status part is way different though when you bring up Nintendo and Amiga users for example. Nintendo and Amiga users just loves to be social and play with others. They also love to spread in forums and elswhere how much they actually love their thing which is a status thing.


Apple and it’s iPhone will be a status thing for a long time
The iPhone thing is a status thing and Apple knows exactly what they are doing. They bring out new design, stops supporting 3-4 older models and by doing so they manage to get their fans upgrade and upgrade even if the price for the iPhone is skyrocking and that iTunes Store or App Store is fully controlled by Apple. These users doesn’t care. There are however users that uses Apple, Nintendo or even Amiga that doesn’t think of it as a status thingy also. But they use it for the fun of it.

This study made me write all of this, because it puts the status thingy in the right direction. The computer usage is as with politics, movies, sports and everything. Status or not. Where do you belong?


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