Norway, Oslo: It is time to write what IOC, the people behind Olympic games actually requires if Oslo should get Winter Olympic games in 2022. It is a massive list, that provides info about that the Olympic games is not for the people anymore. The whole list looks highly demands for a richmans club that wants a special party for the IOC members and that they require to meet our King family before the Olympic ceremony! Where is the Olympic Games heading? It was supposed to be fun games, not a game dictating how everything should be when the games is been held.

Here is the IOC requirements list:


  1. Organizer City shall provide and pay their own cars with driver for IOC tops, IOC members and other IOC believes should have own car with driver
  2. Other traffic should be limited. IOC proposes the closure of schools and the local people are encouraged to take vacations
  3. There should be created own Olympic field on all roads, where IOC tops shall walk. Here, ordinary people and public transport refused to be able to walk
  4. Separate entrances for IOC tops at the airport
  5. IOC president to receive the solemn view out on the runway on arrival Norway
  6. Traffic rules and traffic lights must be adjusted so that the Olympic traffic is prioritized
  7. Ban on swinging on the roads to and from the Olympic construction
  8. Own IOC-HOTEL
  9. Should be particularly well pre-washed and service people should be alert to repair the slightest mistake immediately.
  10. IOC members will be received with a smile on arrival at hotel
  11. Emergency services available at the hotel
  12. Greeting from local Olympic boss and hotel manager set up in rooms with seasonal fruits and cakes.
  13. Hot breakfast buffet with new dishes from day to day.
  14. Bars at the hotel have to be open extra late” and the mini bars shall be CocaCola products
  15. 24hour room service, butler service and washing and pressure service
  16. The hotel must have shops and they do not exhibit products that compete with Olympic sponsors


  1. Must have immediate access to all-inclusive banquet service
  2. All rooms must keep exactly 20 degrees all the time
  3. Meeting room IOC board will use must be equipped with a rectangular conference table that is empty in the middle


  1. IOC members needs to be dropped off just outside the stadium, and escorted to the VIP lounge of dedicated staff
  2. There should be continuous access to sufficient food and drink of “high quality”. Light snacks and canapés are not good enough
  3. Provision of hot dishes must be replaced regularly as IOC peaks may risk having to eat more meals in the lounge during the Olympics
  4. All furniture should be OLshaped and have “Olympic appearance,” and it should be easy to navigate between the lounge and seats in the stands
  5. During the opening and closing ceremonies, there must be full bar available. On competition days, it’s ok with just beer and wine in the lounge at the stadium.

If these requirements will be agreed if Oslo is going to have winter olympics in 2022, I will be shocked. Now its just very interesting to see if all these requirements actually shocks Oslo and the Norwegian government enough to say no.




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