After became a surprise hit in 2015, these small games have popped up in various forms and shapes since then, and I have to say, I am one of those who have been caught by their simple, yet challenging gameplay.

The concept is quite simple, you start small and need to get bigger on behalf of the other twenty or so players in a closed rectangle. In you begin as a small bubble, who needs to “eat” small non-player circles to grow. You have one function that works both as an attack and defense tactic, that is to split in two, or shooting off half your weight to capture the other players. It is both stressful and enjoying at the same time. Usually one game lasts from a few seconds to, if you have the patience and good strategy, half an hour or more.

The games come on various platforms, such as android, iOS, windows. I do prefer to control the entity with a touch screen, because it seems like using a mouse is less sensitive when you need to make a quick move in an opposite direction.

Another game I have played a lot is which is based on an old childhood arcade favorite of mine, and here the goal is to cover as much of the rectangle with your own textures, while avoiding getting caught by the other players when you try to expand your territory. While the latest addictive game I’ve played is, where you control a small fleet of five “spacecraft”, where the goal is to expand this fleet by shooting other players fleets.

For more variations of these game you can head to, and check out their over hundred of similar games, and find your personally favorite. Good gaming ?