Interview with Rina that brought Archery to Everyone in Indonesia

Here we introduce you a bit to archery in Indonesia and at the same time interview Rina Andrina, which together with her husband have opened archery interest to anyone interested in Indonesia. Archery is a sport, where you need to be strong, patient and precise. Read on for our exclusiveContinue Reading

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Peshawar’s Yaseen Khan wins national bodybuilding championship in Pakistan

PESHAWAR (Dunya News) – Peshawar’s Yaseen Khan wins the nationwide bodybuilding tournament that has been held in Faisalabad and made Read more

Football: Barcelona, Real Madrid to play Miami ‘Clasico’

MIAMI: (AFP) - Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid will play each other in a one-off pre-season "El Clasico" in Read more

KFC making their Super Bowl debut

KFC making their real Super Bowl debut this year, after only advertising in the pre-show earlier years. For the first Read more

The best Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl 2020 is coming on the 2nd of February and in the meantime we are looking back to last Read more

Panda Worldwide Campaign

Here is our exclusive interview of Kylie Tse, spreading a panda scroll from Hong Kong. Kylie Tse travels around with her panda scroll promoting her artistic father and peace for all in the world. Read our interview with interesting information about her and her father in our quite unique andContinue Reading

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7 Important Survival Tips for all types of Weather and Temperature

The weather of the world is really unpredictable everywhere you are. Here we present 7 important survival tips. We go Read more

Essen in Germany with excellent Tram-Tunnel entrance

When it comes to how cities in the world should solve their public transportation issues, then Essen in Germany is Read more

Android round-trip Audio Latency problem issue Solved

Few of our regular readers of Distrita will ever care, but for those users that do need low audio latency Read more

Mapparium 0.2 with AmigaOS 68k and AmigaOS 4 support added is out

The Openstreetmapviewer called Mapparium have now reached version 0.2! Now Mapparium got support for AmigaOS 68k and AmigaOS4 also. A Read more

Paula Powered Interview on Distrita

Here is finally our interview with Paula Powered. A punk music band located in France. They put all of their efforts in giving the little extra by having their Amiga 1200 on stage and so Distrita got interested in having a few answers from them. So here are our questionsContinue Reading

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Sally Ann from Paula Powered becomes a writer for Distrita and Amitopia

[caption id="attachment_20668" align="alignright" width="199"] photosource: #Polymere 2015 / Sally Ann[/caption] Hi everyone, my name is Sally Ann and I have Read more

XMP Mod Player Review for Android

In a time before MP3s, iTunes and Spotify, Amiga was simply the best computer for playing digital made music. Thru Read more

Demoscene hit. This Amiga demo won at The Gathering 1996. TBL with Tint!

It's Friday! That means its almost weekend for most people. In this case, Distrita wants to share a story of Read more

Review: DVI-I Upgrade for Amiga 1200 with Indivision AGA mk2cr

[caption id="attachment_10858" align="alignnone" width="960"] Amiga 1200 connected to a Dell 22" inch screen[/caption] Back in 1993, Commodore released Amiga 1200 Read more

Today, we at Distrita wants to introduce you to Salty Dog. A Japanese group with a Norwegian singer. So, here is our special interview with Inger, the brilliant singer in Salty Dog. Here you get to know how she became part of the group and how she got to knowContinue Reading

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Weird Banana invention!

Dole has invented a special banana for the marathoners, the Wearable Banana! This device can measure the runners' heart rate, Read more

13 year old boy in Tokyo, killed by train

Japan, Tokyo: A 13-year-old boy has been killed after being hit by a train at a railway crossing in Tokyo. Read more

Snow for the first time in Tokyo this year, paralyzed traffic today!

The snowfall paralyzed traffic, affecting planes, trains, buses and cars. Traffic came to a standstill on the expressways at about Read more

Death toll in Tokyo, lowest since World War II in 2012

TOKYO: Japan Today reveals that the death toll from traffic accidents in Tokyo in 2012 was 183, the lowest figure Read more

distrita train

Back in the days I was running a site called and I have kept my most interesting interviews alive. Here is my interview of Elena Novaretti which actually brought 32bit icons to the Amiga as first person ever. Yes even AmigaOS 68k can have 32bit icons thru her PowerIconsContinue Reading

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MorphOS 3.10 is Alive and it’s Out for All Supported PowerPC Hardware

There is something going on with the Amiga vibe around the world. Vampire is keeping up the updating cycle and Read more

Tower 57 Review Reveals an Excellent Game Of The Year 2017

If there is one game that you should get in 2017, then it's not COD, GTA5 or even Super Mario! Read more

AmiCloud brings cloud service to almost every desktop OS out there!

Available for AROS, AEROS, AmigaOS, MorphOS, OSX (PPC and intel), Linux and Windows (Checkout the indieGO!-Appstore) AmiCloud offers unlimited traffic.. Read more

Installing AROS on Windows, MacOSX, Solaris or Linux?

If you want to try out how AmigaOS feels like? Got hard time of choosing if you want to go Read more

Hello world! This is Distrita calling Commodore history to be revealed a bit more, and we are so pleased that David J. Pleasance wanted to answer all of our in detail but importan questions about him and his Commodore era. We hope that everyone interested in the Commodore and historyContinue Reading

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Put Brexit into something Positive! It might even be very good for United Kingdom!

Most of the world is now in shock, because of Great Britain (UK) signed farewell with EU thru their Brexit Read more

Do Spain and Italy sleep? Costa rica won!

All the favourites lose this year! United Kingdom and Spain are already out! Brazil lost against Mexico! Italy and Uruguay Read more

Edinburgh got tram-connection from Airport to York Place

New Tram in United Kingdom: Edinburgh has been without a tram system since 16 November 1956, but now Edinburgh got Read more

Lilyhammer sold to over 130 countries

Lilyhammer premiered in Norway on 25th of January 2012. On 6th of February 2012, the show began streaming on Netflix Read more

Today, Distrita gives you exclusive Interview with Purple Scream’s main singer Kim Fairchild. Visit their Facebook page for more info on whats happening with them. Tell us a little about you? When did you start to get interested in singing? When did you join Purple Scream? I have been singingContinue Reading

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Salty Dog Interview Xtravaganza

[caption id="attachment_17530" align="alignright" width="200"] rinchanpht[/caption] Today, we at Distrita wants to introduce you to Salty Dog. A Japanese group with Read more

Purple Scream with Leaf in the wind released on-line

FXmedia which is part of Distrita website, announce that Purple Scream's Leaf in the wind song is out for public Read more

Get ready for ice cold -15C temperature in Oslo, Norway

If you plan grilling outside next week,... it can be a bit difficult. You should at least have a thick Read more

Real Summer Weather visits Bergen on Monday

On 20th of August, several medias announced that this summer Bergen have been really wet. On that day, the data Read more