Today we are going to have a look at Miguel Ruibal, one amazing art designer we are sure that will inspire you in 2020. We want to support inspiring artists, painters, and freelancers that have a big passion for their talent. Everyone deserves to be able to use their talents, and if we can help them to make a living out of it, we have succeeded. New inspiring artists are welcome to promote their own content for free on our website.

Miguel Ruibal

Miguel Ruibal was born in Montevideo, Uruguay (South America), and now lives in Barcelona. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts (University of the Republic of Uruguay) and with masters Miguel Ángel Pareja and Joaquín Arostegui. He has heldexhibitions continuously since 1975 in America and Europe. He has won several awards for his works. His paintings are in private collections in Spain, USA, France, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Argentina and other countries. His work is also available on the “Juan Manuel Blanes Museum” (of the City of Montevideo). “My job is to spend long hours to understand what happens between the different surfaces and materials I use. I do not believe in extreme control of the elements, I believe in the interaction, the surprise, and the intuition. Perhaps that is the reason why my artworks are never extremely rational, nor with a deliberate intention. I prefer to ‘listen’ to my artwork as they are gestating.”