There is insecure credit card payment at site, Piru writes on forums. This affects MorphOS also as this site holds MorphOS software he writes.

“If you’ve bought a subscription by using the website, your credit card details may have been stolen. The website is missing HTTPS and anyone intercepting the traffic to the website could have stolen your CC details, including the CVV number.

If you haven’t yet entered your CC details to the site but plan to:
– Don’t enter the details until the web site has been fixed (it is hosted over HTTPS)

If you already used your credit card there, I suggest the following:
– Check your CC details for any suspicious activity
– Use your bank website to set CC usage limits (say limit it to your country only)
– I’d highly recommend contacting your bank and tell them your CC details may have been exposed and ask them for a new CC”

Update: A person from aeros-org site have replied that the HTTPS error will be fixed soon:

The stripe PlugIN for my non HTTPS website uses TLS for communication anyway..
I doesn’t rely on the website where it is embedded to.

Meanwhile the pages are gone until TLS is running.”

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