On 1 December, the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, announced the revival of passenger rail system in the country, within its 13 immediate decisions.

The order has given the holder of federal executive to start in 2013 rail construction from  Mexico to Queretaro, and promote the construction of a system of  rail Mexico-Toluca and rail project transpeninsular Yucatan-Quintana Roo.

Also order to improve conditions of work, as the Metro line 3 in Monterrey, and the Chalco mass transit to Peace, in the State of Mexico, and the expansion of Electric Train Guadalajara.

Although not yet launched the bidding contest for the contracts, the federal government proposed a budget for 2013 of 2,016.3 million pesos.

while in the case of Toluca to Mexico City, there is talk of a monorail or light rail, by geographical conditions, could build on an elevated structure or tunnel.