Oslo in Norway got about 600 000, but Bandung in Indonesia got over 2 million. The cities are almost identical in size, but that’s where the similarities stops. Bandung, as with many other cities in Indonesia got humongous shopping malls that is a humongous contrast to the rest of Indonesian town layouts.


Entering the shopping malls is like entering security checks at airports. I guess they want to minimize stealing, but also preventing terrorism. The security ladies are quite warm though.

Bandung shopping mall

Cooler inside

One of the main reasons for this humongous explosion of shopping malls, is the weather that is always hot and humid. People can shop under cooler temperatures and it is a social thing to do with friends. However, it does make rich people who owns these shopping malls more and more rich.

Open Food Courts

You find all kinds of shops in these places, but the most interesting thing is the food court places where you can get all kinds of food and eat your preferred food of choice with friends or family. The shopping malls also got cinema and some are even connected with hotels.

Food court meal

You really get fantastic meals, but also refreshing desserts like this one.

Ads coverage of Indonesia and especially Bandung continues. More to come now and then this days.

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