Where to go if you are tired of American fast foods in Indonesia? I recommend checking out Hokben!

This is a famous known Japanese fast food restaurant that keeps spreading out in Indonesia. HokBen is serving bento packs, but also very interesting small meals. Distrita found this fast-food chain for the first time in a Festival City shopping mall in Bandung, Indonesia, and decided to write a small review of it.

HokBen meal


My dish meal had chicken fried eggs, rice, and delicious salad with dressing. Together with the meal I also got Sosro Tehbotol ice tea drink (which is very famous in Indonesia).  I have never tasted such great fried food. It was fantastic!

The atmosphere as with almost everywhere I go is very good. The people are smiling and giving me an unforgettable experience. Maybe they are paid to be nice, but they do talk about anything and everything.


In most fast-food chains everywhere in the world. The cleaning isn’t too much prioritized. But here I must say that I felt well when eating and my stomach had no issues after eating at HokBen, so they are recommended for any western stomach that visits Indonesia.

So, if you’re in Indonesia. Be sure to check out HokBen. Now you know where to go when you are hungry in Indonesia. 

Where to go in Indonesia?