Indonesian Cassava Happiness Story

Once upon a time there was a seller who always leaves fried cassava’s roots unsold. He always gave the rest of the fried food on a boy who used to play in his place selling.

Without being felt already more than 20 years serving fried handyman business, but no significant change in its business.

One day came a man carrying a luxury car, then stopped in front of the wagon fried and asked, “fried cassava’s roots sir?Fried carpenter and replied, No mas.” I miss cassava at the tail of the pack.

First as a child, when my father recently died, no one to finance my life, my friends mocked for not being able to buy snacks. But this time, the father always gave me fried cassava, every time I play close to the wagon father, “the man said.

Hearing this, artisan fried stunned and said, “I give first it’s just a tail cassava, why do you still remember me?”

“You’re not just giving the aftermath of cassava, but also gives happiness and hope for me. I may not be able to return the favor good father, but my father wants to dispatch to the Holy Land. Hopefully happy, he continued.

Mr. sellers fried hardly believe this. Only a small kindness yet bring great blessing!

A small, but nice to read story. With kindness comes happiness.


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