Independence day in Tbilisi and all around Georgia has to be one of the major celebrations that the country has. First of all, locals value independence among all of the things in the world as we know how it feels to be controlled by somebody else, we know how to fight for it and we have felt how hard the results can be after speaking up for your freedom. This is exactly, why independence day is celebrated so festively in Tbilisi.

independence day in Tbilisi

When, Where and Why?

Independence day in Georgia is celebrated on May 26th, and this celebration unites all of the citizens of the country; no matter what ethnicity, religion or lifestyle they believe in.

Traditionally, independence day in Tbilisi is celebrated in the center of the city, on Rustaveli Avenue, where citizens started fighting for our freedom in 1989. In the parliament building, that is located on the same avenue, the first president of Georgia signed the document of declaration of independence in 1991.

May 26th is a historical date, when the country declared independence in 1918 before it was taken away from us again by Russia. The first independent republic of Georgia lasted only for 3 years, but it is still a major event for us.

At its first sitting on the 12th of March, 1919, the constituent assembly of Georgia, elected by citizens of both sexes, according to the direct, equal, universal, secret, and proportional electoral system, proclaims before the world and history that it fully confirms and approves the act of the independence of Georgia, declared at Tiflis by the Georgian National Council, May 26, 1918.”

Georgia’s Declaration of Independence – 1918

How Is Independence Day In Tbilisi Celebrated?

On the 26th of May, Independence Day of Georgia is being celebrated with solemn events throughout the Georgian territory. The main event of the day -the oath taking ceremony began at the Freedom Square. The flag-bearers from the Georgian friend countries-the United States, Great Britain, Turkey, Latvia and Ukraine opened the event, having arrived in Georgia specially to take part in the solemn celebrations dedicated to Georgia`s centennial. The Orchestra of the Lithuanian Armed Forces congratulated the Georgian population on the Independence Day.

May 26th, 2018.

Celebration of independence day in Tbilisi lasts for two days- May 26th and 27th. For years, this day was celebrated with military parade. After changing government of the country in 2012, the tradition changed too: they gave preference to the entertainment, but still kept the military component as the people are able to attend military “parade”.

People go there for entertainment purposes, where more than 250 Georgian companies show their products, which also includes local warlike equipment, airplanes as well as handmade gifts; You can attend a concert, eat delicious Georgian food and drink wine. There is something for everyone!

It is very well known how much Georgians love their fireworks and this day is no exception too- At the night huge firework display is shown in the heart of Tbilisi.

What Else Is There To See?

Every year on independence day in Tbilisi, there is a cinema-pavilion placed next to the Opera where they show short movies that are made specifically for this day.

There is an exhibition where artists of every generation take part in: painters, graphic designers and students. Besides that, the logo made specifically for the day is always designed with the inspiration of well-known Georgian artworks.

In front of the parliament there is a kids’ zone, where animators, various games, circus performances, magician’s shows, toy theater and artistic displays take care of your child’s entertainment.

For plants lovers, there is the greatest flower display you have ever seen, where “green lessons” are also given by well-known florists and people can get decorative pots and flowers’ crown.

At the night, the concert is held, where talented Georgian artists perform and promise you to have a great night on independence day in Tbilisi.

Independence day in Tbilisi, 2018.