Light Rail on Mauritius

photosource: TOP TV Mauritius – Trams running in the street as they should, with the cars traffic on each side. Clever!

Mauritius is a small island that is outside of the east coast of Africa. On 12th of March 1968, the island got independence from United Kingdom. On 12th of March 1992, Mauritius became a republic. Since then the country have evolved a lot and is one of the best countries to live in Africa.

The country is on several islands. These includes the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues, 560 kilometres east of Mauritius, and the outer islands (Agaléga, St. Brandon and two disputed territories). The islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues form part of the Mascarene Islands, along with nearby Réunion, a French overseas department. The area of the country is 2,040 km2 (790 sq mi). The capital and largest city is Port Louis, which sits on the biggest of the islands.

A new Light Rail line to open in 2021

Beside a very tropical climate and beautiful beaches with fantastic water. The biggest city which is Port Louis have got issues with more and more traffic. So, in 2005 back in the days. The government made public bus transport in Mauritius free of charge for students, people with disabilities and senior citizens. But now in 2017, the numbers of cars on the island have increased a lot. So, the government have for some time now been discussing about a light rail line that will connect the capital Port-Louis (150,000 inh.) via Rose Hill to Curepipe. This work started in 2017, and the very first stage is planned to open in stages by 2021. Finally!

At first, there will be 19 stations in total when all of the steps will be done. Then there is talks about further expansion of the light rail line too. This is a very good initiative as light rail is a very healthy and a great way of transportate people around without them needing to use buses, taxi or even cars to get around. In cities like Bergen in Norway and Dublin in Ireland, where such light rail systems have recently been introduced. The needs for bus and car is much less. So, the areas where these new light rail systems have been built. They have got the polution drasticly reduced. Which is great and Mauritius does have a responsibility for their citizens in the country. Incredible!

Light Rail on Mauritius

photosource: TOP TV Mauritius – One of the light rail stations situated on a bridge. Very cool design. This Light Rail line will for sure give Mauritius a very positive reputation.

26 km Light Rail line from the capital Port-Louis

With this new light rail line, you will be able to get yourself in a conveniant way from the Indian Ocean to Curepipe. The line will be both at streetlevel and on bridges. Some of the station architecture looks as will be stunning. So those planners have done a really good job showing of on how the line will look.

The line will also drive thru some corn and farm fields it seems, and here the tram depot will be too.

So, when you visit Mauritius from 2021, you can take this tram there. Both for the people living there and the millions of tourists will be able to take something that isn’t using petrol or diesel. Finally, Mauritius! It seems like now its going to happen, as the works is said to have already begun. Distrita will follow this for you also. Port-Louis will become the 11th city in Africa to get a light rail aka tram system. Great!

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