On 22nd of March 2018, Oslo will get a IMAX cinema again. Last time it didn’t go that well, but now Oslo Kino is putting lots of effort into giving IMAX a full comeback to Oslo, Norway. Everything will happen on 22nd of March 2018 at 20.00! How the opening will be is still unknown, but what we do know is that the IMAX cinema will be part of the totally new cinema at Storo (just near the Storo shopping centre) in Oslo named as ODEON.

14 Cinema halls at the new ODEON Cinema in Oslo

The new ODEON cinema in Oslo will have one IMAX hall, but it will also contain 14 Cinema halls that can play over 25 different movies at the same time.

ODEON Kino will become the biggest cinema in Norway on 22nd of March this year. It will be able to show 14 different movies in one evening! Also it is placed in a new area in Oslo which you can reach by taking metro, bus, tram and even train. For those that is driving, it is sitting near Ring 3 which is a highway going around Oslo.

Here is the location info of the new ODEON cinema in Oslo, Norway

Vitaminveien, 0151 Oslo, Norway

Cinema versus Theatre usage in our movie articles Explained

It is really nice to see more cinemas popping up in Oslo and we use the cinema word a lot. However, we do have lots of American readers so we ow you an explenation.

Here, many loves to watch a nice move at the cinema as I like to write.

I like to use cinema instead of theatre is a habbit of mine. My simple reason for that is that British English is the language that we got to learn at school. “The movies” is chiefly American. “The cinema” is chiefly British. “Theater/theatre” is said of places where plays are shown, however if you modify it to “movie theater” then you have a theater where films are shown. “Movie house” can also be used. But I use cinema because its a nice name for the type of building that is showing movies. In my native language Norwegian, the word is Kino. In Polish it is Kino. In Swedish it is Bio. Thanks for understanding and have a nice cinematic year of 2018!


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