IKEA is Entering the Bluetooth speakers Market

The Swedish furniture gigant IKEA is now entering the Bluetooth speakers market. Read about all Bluetooth articles on our site here. In many countries around the world their new Bluetooth speakers is at sale. In others they will arrive within this year.

Eneby is the name of the IKEA Bluetooth speakers

The official name for the Bluetooth speakers from IKEA is Eneby. You can get them in different sizes like 20 x 20 centimeters or 30 x 30 centimeters.

The system itself can pair 8 Eneby IKEA Bluetooth speakers together at the same time, and for the prices from only 48 Euro this is a bargain for many families. Especially many (not all) women doesn’t like cables laying around, will be pleased to get these if the design is something that you can handle. They will make your living room more tidy for sure.

Including these Bluetooth speakers. IKEA have also created a wall mounting kit and even carrying handles can be bought separate for them. You can also get a battery for them which will give you 10 hours of listening time which ain’t too bad neither.

Bluetooth IKEA speakers Eneby with 3,5 mm AUX support

Does IKEA have wifi products? Not yet! But with this product you get these stylish Bluetooth speakers. They don’t have wifi builtin, but IKEA let’s you connect them to any AUX compatible HiFi or mobile unit. This makes them very handy and a very nice set that becomes an awesome soundsystem IKEA design look. It’s not their first speakers product ever, but it is certainly a big step for IKEA adding Bluetooth speakers to their humongous list of various goods that they sell.

IKEA was founded in 1943 by then the 17 year old Ingvar Kamprad. Today, IKEA is world leading furniture company and is expanding still in all areas. They have over 415 stores in 49 countries. Yes, they even have launched a store in Indonesia. In 2017 they had over 194,000 workers worldwide. The company now aims at entering India, Ukraine, New Zealand and many of the central America countries. But still they have a long way to go to be dominant in the world as only two African countries got IKEA.



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