iFixit is one of the largest fixit self services on-line that increases repairability all over the world. Here you can get help for replacing your iBook G4 screen or to do some more extensive repairs. Many repair shops is also using iFixit guidelines too. But now iFixit is changing the beat for the better together with Motorola.

Embracing Repairability for a more open attitude towards repair

iFixit and Motorola is now working together to give you a even better service on the site. Motorola is known for its mobile phones as they produced worlds first commercial mobile phone named Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Also they are known to create the famous RISC PowerPC CPUs that Apple Macintosh used and which Amiga PowerPC computers still uses today.

iFixit and Motorola cares about Repairability Together

So! If you are a Motorola customer, you can now send your broken Motorola device directly to them for repair or you can fix it yourself by using their free step-by-step guide that includes Motorola’ official Motorola OEM Fix Kits.

The fact that Motorola is now giving this information freely out to iFixit users is very handy and deeply welcome. It is a move that we hope more companies in the world will follow. Motorola is starting this service and now others should do it also.

iFixit and Motorola Makes it Easier for consumers

Motorola is still one of the largest companies in the world. Then it is even more interesting to see such company actively working with repair partners to make it easier for consumers to repair devices themselves. It eases the market in every corner of the globe you find people that is more technical interested than others. I am always asking my friend which I know is much better at fixing things to do it for me. And he gladly helps me out if I need help.

It is really nice to see Motorola giving a helping hand. Its a good thing to do. Others should follow!

Source and Photosource: iFixit Blog