Distrita SportsThere is a small country called Iceland. We wrote about the Football game today, and now can reveal that England is now out of the Euro 2016 in France. Distrita which is also located in Norway, congratulates our Icelandic neighbours for a historic Football sensation.

For me it seemed like England had luck that they didn’t loose even more. The only goal that England managed to score was on a penalty. Iceland seemed to be like a viking ship on the move with the audience helping the ship win the battle. Amazing evening and Distrita wants to congratulate Iceland. This was a really fun Football game to watch, even for a person like me which only watches Football at times like this.

Congratulations Iceland! And all the best to England, which made this game entertaining from start to end.

Iceland 2 – 1 England

Next match for Iceland will be against France! What will Iceland do? Can they win? The odds are getting higher and higher. We support both, but now we have little extra viking helmet for Iceland for sure. Would be very interesting and amazing for all of the Icelandic people if they came all the way to final.

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