We don’t write so much about Football, because we need Football interested people to join our team! But tonight it is a very special football match regarding Euro 2016 Football thing. It is the tiny country, with only 300 000 vs the huge country that have many millions of people and even fans.

Facts about Iceland
A quite big island in the Atlantic ocean that is part of Europe but is not inside EU. Weather wise it is one of the coldest countries in the world all year round. With hars winters and unpredictable summers, Icelandic people are used to their weather. Their language is also what keeps them so connected. It reminds of old Norwegian, but at the same time its quite different also. Icelandic is infact one of the most difficult languages to learn.

Except for hars weather and interesting language. Iceland also have a very interesting nature. Their nature is both bold and also quite active. Yes. Iceland is a country full of geysiers and active vulcanos. It was Iceland that blocked flight routes some years ago for many weeks. Now, today. Iceland will play their most important Football game ever.

Distrita sends kudos to both England and Iceland. Let the best win!

The game will be shown on Your tv channel at 21.00CET. Time schedule is the same as in France.

Distrita own Experience